As architect, I offer a level of professional service and expertise, which no other building professional can provide. I am professionally qualified and legally registered to practice by State Registration Boards and bound by Architects Code of Professional Conduct that requires us to perform all our duties with professional integrity and ethical standards. We have been trained to advise you on all facets of the building process. Whether building a new home, adding or altering your home, we can give you valuable professional services. We are trained to take into consideration myriad of complex issues. I have wide knowledge of building, environment and allied technology and know experts in these fields. People often feel that Architects are expensive without knowing what they really do. Architects don’t merely design, they create environment, inside and outside spaces that function well, that define you and how you like to live and work. We produce inspired solutions; they see the big picture and transform your ideas into reality. I will help you define and create what you want to build, present options you may never have considered and help you get the most for your budget.

Depending upon the scope of work, the fee for service can be negotiated on hourly basis or fixed lump sum fees based upon the expected amount of time estimated to be spent upon the service. I will provide written terms of engagement or a Client/Architect Agreement before commencement of any work and give you a copy of NSW Architects Code of Professional Conduct. I can assist in all stages of your project. Here is simplified guide of Design and Building process.

1. Our Fee Structure

Our fee is based on number of variable factors, Scope of Work and complexity of project. The three most common ways are:
• Hourly basis
• Negotiate Lump Sum Fee
• Percentage of estimated cost of project

2. Consultation/Advice

Pre-purchase/post purchase Site Visit and Renovation Potential Advice/Report. When you purchase a property whether for your own living or for investment purpose, you are making a large financial commitment.
Before making this commitment, a brief initial consultation with architect for fixed fee can provide you valuable advice in terms of time and money as it may draw your attention to existing visible conditions of the property
and also suggest as to what are the renovation potentials. Your architect can also discuss with you some of the aspects that you may not be aware of such as limitations and site constraints from planning and council requirements

3. Pre-Design: Feasibility, Site Analysis, Concept Sketch Plan

I can make a valuable contribution to your project even before any design work commences. A pre-design meeting between with us can clearly establish our scope of work and discuss detailed set of requirements for the
project including consenting authority’s design parameters/requirements and constraints. Involvement in the initial design concept, early planning and determination of your needs for building, careful planning, space utilisation, orientation, energy efficiency and ecologically sustainable development can save thousands of dollars.

4. Architectural Design: We specialise in

• High End Custom Designed Homes Traditional/Modern/Contemporary
• Additions and Alterations
• Heritage and Conservation/Bushfire prone area
• Complete Façade lift/refurbish
• Attic Space Conversion
• Difficult/steep/narrow/odd shaped sites
• Multi dwellings

5. DA Documentation

Design development, DA Documentation to council’s DA Checklist. Input from consultants at this stage such as BASIX/ABSA Certifier, Landscape, Structural, Stormwater/hydraulics and any other specialist consultant as required by consenting authorities form part of this stage. I as the primary consultant will coordinate with them while you engage them and pay their engagement fee.

6. Construction Documentation

We prepare detailed construction drawings and building specifications, including consultants’ documents + engineering are required for construction at this stage such as BASIX/ABSA Certifier, Landscape, Structural, Stormwater/hydraulics and any other specialist consultant as required by consenting authorities form part of this stage.

7. Construction Services and Project Management (Contract Administration)

We will assist you in the selection of right contractor through tendering process, negotiate the most competitive price, assist you in contract administration (Project Management) ensuring the work is carried out as per the specifications and documentation in time and any design variations are dealt fairly.

8. Post Construction Service

This is where we can assist you with periodic inspections and post construction defects outside contractor’s defects liability period or any building defects