I have started this Blog with intention to initiate a dialogue and bring awareness on number of architectural topics that are relevant, current, they relate and influence our lives. We are directly or indirectly connected to them.

In recent times, we have seen, how the shoddy and substandard construction practices have given rise to number of defective, faulty and substandard construction. This has led to a lot of inconvenience to the occupier,

requiring to have them rectified. The process to fix the faults is time consuming process, bureaucratic, has cost implications causing mental distress to say the least.

Recently, one such article appeared in Sydney Morning Herald, “$700 m hole left by dodgy builders” on Sunday, 25 April 21 caught my attention. It is clearly evident that the ramifications to the end users and people in society in general are endless. I am merely sharing it to bring general awareness on the issues with a disclaimer that the information expressed in the article is neither supported nor rejected by me as the author.